About Us

Feline P.A.W. Foundation is a Texas 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes feline Protection, Awareness and Wellness.

What is Our Goal?

Our fundraising aids in the support of Feline Infectious Peritonitis, Hypercardiomyopathy, Anti-declaw, and local rescues. The goal is to promote feline health, research, legal and protective issues via cat shows, Texas pet events, and social media. Like our Facebook page to stay current on our latest events!

  • 2018: 21 cats/kittens adopted from the show
  • 2017: Awarded Best Show of the Year
  • 2017: Donated $5,000 to local no-kill shelters


Deer Park, Texas

Cat Entry


Founding Team

Todd Richards

Comix Cattery - Devon Rex

Marlon Azada

Vice President
Alora Cats - Bengal/Savannah/HHP

Michelle Piatt

TX Elfkatz - Devon Rex

Paul Harrison

Starla's Cats - Scottish Fold

Michelle Richards

Show Manager
Comix Cattery - Devon Rex

Jennifer Simper

Director of Publicity
Alora Cats - Bengal/Savannah/HHP

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Event Partners

Event FAQs

Adult (18+)


Senior (60+) & Children (6+)


Adult (18+) Weekend Pass


Senior (60+) & Children (6+) Weekend Pass


Children 5 & under


Presale Online Tickets at a Discount coming soon!

No pets allowed. This is to maximize the health integrity of the show venue. Please use hand sanitizer in between touching show cats. This is to protect all the cats and you!
Jimmy Burke Activity Center
500 W 13th St.
Deer Park, TX 77536
Map Link
Comfortably!!! Be prepared to walk, play with Catnip, our mascot, & photo ops with all the kitties! There will be seating provided in all the judging rings & in the dining area.
All members of the founding team will be more than happy to address any concerns or questions you may have about our event. Phone and email are the best methods to contact us in addition to our Facebook page.
Phone: (469) 939-7161
Email: Feline P.A.W. Foundation
Facebook: Facebook Page