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Coming in 2018!

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Our show in 2017 was one not to miss! Just check out all the fun was had on our facebook page album!

Felines, Football & Fun Photo Album

Felines, Football & Fun - 2017 Show Testimonials

It was a great show and I bet the next show will be even better with what they learned from their very first show. Had a great raffle for each session and the BBQ lunch were outstanding. If you miss this show enter early as it closed out early this year. You will not be disappointed.
All the painted faces were wonderful. The children were happy, happy, happy!
You guys have ROCKED it ALREADY ! WOW! :D
It looks so beautifully organized! Congrats to all and have a great show!
It was a wonderful show. We all had a great time. I know MANY cats will benefit from the donations the club will be making.
Thank you so much, that was an awesome show!
I'm exhausted! Thank you Deer Park - Sold out!
Fantastic Show!
An incredible show for sure!! This new club really went above and beyond anything I have seen in quite awhile. A huge congratulations to all the members and friends of Feline PAW Foundation!! I am so proud of this new club and all they have achieved. I look forward to all they have planned in the future!! Great, Great Job!!!!
Awe, shucks, guys! All I can say, is that it was Rick and my pleasure to help out with the set up and tear down. We are both behind the scenes kind of people, and love helping where there is a need. We have met so many amazing people, including all of you ( Michelle Louise Piatt and her husband and kids, Michelle Richards and Todd Richards, Paul Harrison, Jennifer Simper and Marlon), but getting to meet Teresa Simons Redding and her husband Rick, and Dharma, of course,talking to Helmi Flick and Ken, ( and getting to sit in on a photo session), and just so many people that are so kind and caring, and all coming together for a common bond. We loved being there and helping where we could, whether with the setting up and tearing down, stuffing bags, carrying kitties to the ring, etc, it was a great experience. If there is anything that we can ever do to help, just let us know. Can't wait to see what next year's show brings! Love to all of you.
I am still gobsmacked (as the Brits say)... Kris Willison said it well .. something to the effect that this show was like a World Cat Congress, it was so well thought out and organized! The vibe was amazing, I heard others say it was like the cat shows of ten years ago. Filled with all things "cat", affection for each other. I can't even write all the wonderful things. To sum it up, if Heaven had cat shows, they would be like this one. Period

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) club that aims to raise awareness and research funds for feline organizations such as WINN Foundation, UC Davis, The Paw Project, Bria Fund and local no-kill shelters. The proceeds from the show, donations and any other types of funding will be dedicated to these feline support groups to advance the protection, awareness, and wellness of cats.

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